Zika-Free Honeymoons

Zika-free Honeymoon Destinations

Who doesn’t love a wedding? Friends and family come together to celebrate love, have a feast and dance late into the night. But if you’re the bride or groom, just making it to your big day involves a lot of planning and stress. You have to pare down that guest list and make sure you’re having the right people sit together for dinner. All those little touches throughout the night that wow your guests don’t just happen. There’s a lot of work that goes into it.

So it’s no wonder that after the ceremony and reception are over, you want to just hit the beach for a week and relax on an island somewhere with your new spouse. Of course, finding the right place for your honeymoon doesn’t just happen on its own, either. And with the spread of the Zika virus, even finding somewhere to relax has gotten more stressful for honeymooners who want to start families soon. Fortunately, there are still quite a few islands where you can spend a worry-free vacation that are Zika-free.




Thanks to its unique position in the Atlantic off the East Coast of the U.S., Bermuda has managed avoid the spread of Zika that has reached many Caribbean islands. Though it’s a bit too far north to be a year-round beach destination, high temperatures average between 75 and 85 degrees from May through November. The beaches are gorgeous, flecked with pink sand, and there’s no shortage of water-based activities, including caves and shipwrecks to explore.





You don’t even need passports for this one. With the variety of islands, you can make your honeymoon as active or slow-paced as you want. With an abundance of interisland flights that are less than an hour from takeoff to landing, you can island-hop with ease. So if you absolutely have to visit Pearl Harbor but then you want to get as far away from a city as you can, fly into Honolulu and spend a night there before heading out to one of the quieter Neighbor Islands.


French Polynesia



Lagoons and mountains and endless beauty pretty much sum it up. Just saying the names of some of the islands -- Tahiti, Bora Bora, Moorea -- conjures up images of tranquility. These islands were tailor-made for getting away from it all. The protected lagoons make for calm, clear waters that wash your cares away and make you forgot all about your embarrassing cousin who tried to ruin the reception. One other bonus: The French brought their cooking techniques with them when they came to the Pacific.





About 1,000 miles off the east coast of Kenya, the Seychelles pair well with a safari. The beaches are spectacular, the weather is consistently warm year-round and the locals love welcoming visitors. You’ll see plenty of things, including several bird species, you won’t find anywhere else on Earth. If you opt for cruising around the Seychelles, Virtuoso-preferred Crystal Cruises has a submersible available so you can even see things underwater you won’t see anywhere else on Earth.





Southwest of India, the Maldives consist of nearly 1,200 islands that collectively form the lowest-lying country in the world. The highest point is less than 10 feet, and white-sand beaches make up a significant portion of the topography of the islands, each with its own coral reef. While the resorts (including 10 that are Virtuoso-preferred) are designed with sustainability in mind, rising sea levels threaten to erase the Maldives from the map. So, unfortunately, you may not have many more opportunities to visit this idyllic paradise.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya | Luxurious All Inclusive Resort

Grand Velas Riviera MayaLuxurious All Inclusive Resort

If basking in the sun on pristine beaches while enveloped in luxury is your idea of a perfect vacation, then Grand Velas Riviera Maya Mexico Resort is the place for you! Grand Velas is easy to get to - it's located just 35 minutes from Cancun Airport - and it's perfect for couples, weddings, and families.


The Riviera Maya in Mexico is a spectacular destination because of its turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, nightlife, shopping, and golf. Grand Velas adds a layer of pampering and splendor with its world-class spa, named "Best Spa in the World" by Virtuoso in 2010. 42 treatment suites with services that span from massages to facials to hydrotherapy means you'll find the relaxation or rejuvenation you deserve.

The accommodations at Grand Velas live up to the title of luxurious with large suites that include 2 double beds or 1 king, a sitting area, and views of the ocean from your private terrace. This is where I want to start my day with a cup of coffee and then sit and unwind before dinner. All rooms include large TVs and wireless Internet, but this is the place to unplug so I hope you don't use them much!


For those that like to sit and bask in the sun, in addition to the ocean or the zen garden you can enjoy three huge swimming pools with plenty of chairs to relax. There's also a children's pool. Yes, the Grand Velas is luxurious enough for a romantic couples getaway but it's also family-friendly with kid's activities and a kids club.

From the amazing service to the delicious food rolled into an all-inclusive resort, Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a stellar vacation spot. If you want to know more about this resort or you're ready to book your vacation, contact me at 978-745-2575 or marisa@sensationaltravel.com.


Windstar Cruises Fall Sale

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Over-Water Bungalows

Featuring just 6 overwater bungalows plus two restaurants and a spa, the Coral Lodge is a boutique resort in a secluded part of the San Blas Islands in Panama. The bare-bones and eco-friendly approach means there is no TVs or internet here, so a distraction-free vacation is nearly guaranteed.

The resort also offers “romance packages” and several other extras, so this is still quite luxurious. The Coral Lodge also is great value, with perhaps the cheapest overwater bungalows in the world. There’s great diving and snorkeling, as well as horseback riding nearby, so this could be a perfect choice for the right people.

Caribbean overwater bungalow resorts that aren’t open

Sandals Grande St. Lucia – This famous all-inclusive resort is building 26 overwater bungalows around its private island just off St. Lucia, scheduled to break ground in August 2012 and open in February 2013. Curiously, they are billing them as “the Caribbean’s first overwater bungalows,” so perhaps their definition of ‘Caribbean’ is more limited than ours or the general public’s. Sandals is also reportedly planning on opening overwater bungalows at its Sandals Royal Caribbean in Montego Bay, Jamaica resort as well, though information on those is limited as construction permits have yet to be granted as of February, 2012.

Jamaica 2012 with Sandals Resorts


Sandals and Beaches Resorts offers weddings and vow renewals your way, your style, your Sandals with many choices. Check out Sandals new wedding designer tool on their website to see how easy and affordable it is to plan a wedding ceremony and optional reception in the Caribbean.  Contact Sensational Travel at  978-745-2575 for specials and pricing.  View photos on Sensational Travel Facebook Page                              




Luxury resorts and destinations

Travelers will ask  travel agents if they have "been there".  The answer is usually we haven't and even if we had, resorts & destinations are constantly changing.  I am happy to read a new blog from a luxury travel agent like myself who might have gone to a destination or resort I haven't been to.  Enjoy reading:  


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The travel industry is constantly changing and I devote many hours to keeping up with the latest information available. I regularly attend industry seminars and visit destinations to gain a perspective that can only be achieved by a personal visit. I have completed the training and exams necessary to earn my CTC (Certified Travel Consultant) certification.  I have also recently earned my Honeymoon & Luxury Travel Specialist certificate with The Travel Institute.

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