Travel Consultant 1982-present day

I have always dreamed of seeing the world. My dad was an officer in the Navy and, as a young girl, I would often daydream about the distant lands he visited by sea. This fueled my desire to travel and led me to become a travel agent.  I have helped clients plan many different type of vacations, from a 60-day, 11-country custom European itinerary to a weekend in Bermuda; however, I especially enjoy working with honeymooners, because they are so excited about their first vacation together as a married couple.

The travel industry is constantly changing and I devote many hours to keeping up with the latest information available. I regularly attend industry seminars and visit destinations to gain a perspective that can only be achieved by a personal visit. I have completed the training and exams necessary to earn my CTC (Certified Travel Consultant) certification.  I have also recently earned my Honeymoon & Luxury Travel Specialist certificate with The Travel Institute.

 I have clients that have been with me for over 25 years and I believe it is because I care about their vacations, their budgets, and the memories they want to bring home from their next vacation. Caring, personalized service and professionalism are what my travel service is all about.

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