Alaska Sept 2013

13hr day Backcountry Adventue Tour

Day 3


Quick coffee and off to a 13hr full day journey with Alaska Travel and Tours “Backcountry” motorcoach tour.  Here we boarded a clean “bus” not motorcoach and was advised it would be a bumpy ride since a portion of the highway into Denali was gravel not a paved road.  Upon hearing this I decided to sit closer to the front and found the ride comfortable.  During the journey stops were made for bathroom breaks and most importantly for taking photos of the wildlife. Goal was to see the “Big Five” in Denali National Park.  Luckily the passengers today saw all accept the wolves.  The ride went past WonderLake and arrived at the Backcountry Lodge owned by Alaska Travel and Tours.  We had a wonderful lunch and had the option of gold panning or taking a botany walk.  I selected the walk and found my favorite fruit; blueberries.